About Us

We’re on a mission to enable continuous learning in starved-for-time environments by building learning organizations

Our Vision:

Change the World

Create a significant impact and change in the world by building better, more moral communities, ones that live according the values of accountability, transparency and in pursuit of excellence, We seek to do this by enabling organizations to constantly learn and improve from their performance while on the job as part of the establishment of learning environments.

Our Mission:

Build Learning Organizations 

Create dynamic and creative organizations that sustain an ever-learning and ever-improving ecosystem and conquer the four main challenges creating a gap between organizations’ desire to learn, and their ability to do so, in actuality:



​At Shamaym, we know organizations spend most of their time in their performance zone, and far less time in the all-important learning zone. As such, we aim to implement small and effective learning zones within every organization’s performance zones, resolve the four main challenges highlighted above, and drive true change within organizations, whose members assume accountability for and learn from past mistakes as true learning organizations.

Lack of time

A culture that does not allow for transparency and/or accountability on the job

A lack of effective tools for knowledge sharing

Routines that do not include learning process

How we do it:

The Shamaym Concept

The Shamaym concept is based on the IAF’s debriefing culture, integrating innovative technology and personalized consultation and training services to teach actionable learning in time-starved environments:

  • Technology-first: Using DiBi, our next-generation AI-based technological solution for lessons learned, organization members are able to gain unique insights into the successes and failures of their work processes and learn lessons that promote the establishment of new routines, driving efficiency and productivity and helping to prevent work-related mistakes and crises, while creating a new improved culture of communication.

  • Our methodology: Using the three questions - What-Why-How, to create a methodology that enables the learning of simple and actionable lessons, in just a short time.

  • Learning organization building services: to inspire individuals to view mistakes as learning opportunities, assume personal accountability and take ownership, not only of successes, mistakes and mishaps but also of the learning process.

     This is done by:

  1. Creating a working language and culture;

  2. Creating solution-aimed processes, including the implementation of innovative software. 

  3. Engaging in change management processes – training Shamaym leaders to lead true change within the organization providing them with debriefing tools and directing them vis-à-vis “flights,” so they can independently lead and sustain the debriefing culture in their ever-learning organization.      


Shamaym was founded in 2013 by veteran pilots of the IAF - the Israeli Air Force, who discovered that the IAF’s excellence was based on its unique learning culture, characterized by a simple, yet productive debriefing method. Today, we seek to change culture on the ground by harnessing the power of debriefed-based learning and DiBi, our AI-based platform for lessons learned, to instill a sense of accountability, openness and continued learning within organizations.

The Shamaym team knows how to adapt our solution to any organization, so we can guide you towards becoming the best possible learning organization you can be!