20% decrease in escalation treatment time

35% increase in openness to share about mistakes

23% increase in learning time efficiency ​

HP Indigo Partners with Shamaym to Drive Cultural Change & Reduce Escalations

“Alongside a change in actual results, the true impact was in the cultural change - team members fighting among themselves to determine who will present the mistakes and associated lessons learned in staff meetings.”

Gilad Yamin, Manager of World HP Indigo’s Escalation Team


HP Indigo found itself struggling with a number of operational challenges. First, the time spent dealing with escalations was far too lengthy and they needed to reduce it, significantly. Second, there was a need to drive greater openness among team members and engender a true culture shift towards one of assuming accountability. And third, interfaces between the Tier 4 World Wide Escalation team and the company’s Tier 3 team were in need of major improvement. The company sought out the technology and consulting services of Shamaym to respond to these challenges and drive exciting cultural and practical changes, using its innovative technological tol and debriefed-based learning model.


The Shamaym team built a debriefed-based learning model for the Tier 4 World Wide Escalation Team, which included weekly team and 1:1 meetings with the company’s employees. The program was held over the course of 3 months, and focused on enabling the team to learn from escalations. The escalation process was defined as the “flight” and each team member was debriefed as part of closing the escalation. Once a week, the team presented two debriefings at the team meeting. The team managers went over the high-level team results, fostering an open and honest learning environment that would ultimately drive productivity and efficiency.

About HP Indigo

HP is a technology company that operates in 178 countries around the world, bringing together a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure solutions as a means to meet customer needs. HP Indigo, a division of HP Inc.'s Graphic Arts business develops, manufactures and markets digital printing solutions out of Ness Ziona, Israel, These include technologically innovative and environmentally friendly products for digital, on-demand printing..


HP Indigo’s Escalation Team underwent a significant cultural change, which, in turn, drove actionable results with respect to its daily practices and operations.


in team members sensed openness to share about the mistakes they make


in actual sharing of knowledge among team members


in team members’ implementation of lessons learned


in the efficiency of the time team members spend learning while on the job