18% increase in recognition of mistakes as learning opportunities

33% increase in accountability over work-related improvements

17% increase in employee transparency

Karyopharm Adopts Shamaym Methodology, Targeting Operational Excellence at its Nuclear Core

“We see Shamaym as an integral part of our company in terms of our striving for excellence and working towards constant improvement; this is a very significant advantage that enables us to develop cancer drugs faster and more efficiently.”

Dr. Sharon Shacham, Founder, President and Chief Scientist at Karyopharm Therapeutics


As a rapidly growing organization, one that nearly doubled in a single year while upholding highly aggressive corporate goals in the face of a lack of any corporate history, Karyopharm felt tremendous pressure on a managerial level. The company’s management identified that its primary weakness was the repetition of operational mistakes and sought out a solution to help its employees learn from and improve upon errors and enhance their internal and external communication skills to drive better organizational synchronicity.


The Shamaym team launched a comprehensive program to implement its debriefed-based learning solutions within the Karyopharm team. After customizing DiBi, Shamaym’s lessons learned system, we divided the company’s management into three groups and took them through a “basic training” stage, during which they learned to build infrastructure and establish a company culture, while using the system. The program then expanded throughout the company and the top 15 managers went on to participate in a Stage 2 program. The goal: improve measurable metrics that influence the company’s business results and efficiency scores among the various teams.

About Kayopharm

Karyopharm Therapeutics is an industry leading clinical-stage pharmaceutical company, based in Newton, MA, USA, The company focuses its efforts on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel, first-in-class agents targeting nuclear transport for the treatment of cancer and other major diseases.


A culture of assuming accountability for and learning from mistakes was instilled among Karyopharm’s employees, who learned to open up to each other about company processes as they unfold.


Teams began to share more transparently


assumed accountability for their self-improvement


as well as for the improvement of their work processes


increase in employees’ sense of accountability over their team’s success was noted and over 1000 debriefs in the 6 months that followed the basic training