Karyopharm Targets Operational Excellence
at its Core with Shamaym

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increase in recognition of mistakes
as learning opportunities
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increase in accountability
over work-related improvements
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increase in employee transparency

Karyopharm Therapeutics is an industry leading clinical-stage pharmaceutical company, based in Newton, MA, USA, The company focuses its efforts on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel, first-in-class agents targeting nuclear transport for the treatment of cancer and other major diseases.


As a rapidly growing organization, one that nearly doubled in a single year while upholding highly aggressive corporate goals in the face of a lack of any corporate history, Karyopharm felt tremendous pressure on a managerial level. The company’s management identified that its primary weakness was the repetition of operational mistakes and sought out a solution to help its employees learn from and improve upon errors and enhance their internal and external communication skills to drive better organizational synchronicity.


The Shamaym team launched a comprehensive program to implement its debriefed-based learning solutions within the Karyopharm team. After customizing DiBi, Shamaym’s lessons learned system, we divided the company’s management into three groups and took them through a “basic training” stage, during which they learned to build infrastructure and establish a company culture, while using the system. The program then expanded throughout the company and the top 15 managers went on to participate in a Stage 2 program. The goal: improve measurable metrics that influence the company’s business results and efficiency scores among the various teams.


A culture of assuming accountability for and learning from mistakes was instilled among Karyopharm’s employees, who learned to open up to each other about company processes as they unfold.

17% more employees reported sharing more transparently across their team

18% more employees assumed accountability for their own improvement

33% more employees assumed accountability for improving their work processes

19% more employees felt responsible for the success of their team

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