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Cuts Customer Complaints by Half

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Decrease in customer complaints

Established in 1971, LOG has spent over 45 years producing a wide range of standard and customized packaging solutions and providing dedicated and responsive customer support to leading global pharmaceutical companies. Their solutions include: active and passive barrier packaging solutions, child resistant packaging, anti-counterfeit and tamper evident solutions and smart packaging. As a privately owned, profitable and constantly growing company, LOG ever strives to confidently support each customer as a long-term partner.


Seeking to achieve a “zero customer complaint” reality and meet operational goals, pharmaceutical packaging company LOG turned to likeminded technology and consulting firm Shamaym. The task: encourage LOG’s employees to assume accountability and learn a simple method that would make the company’s fast-paced and highly-demanding work processes run smoother and with less errors.


Over the course of a year, Shamaym gradually implemented its debriefed-based learning solutions throughout the organization. Various LOG departments met as teams to speak openly, learn from past mistakes and discuss how to improve processes so that future operations run smoother. During the sessions, each employee was to speak in the first person, assuming accountability for their - and only their actions, while inspiring others to do the same.


Inter-organizational relationships significantly improved. A true dialogue was formed between LOG’s employees, one surrounding the subject of accountability and employees began to work better as teams. Issues left on the backburner for years were at last resolved and a plan to reduce customer complaints to 0% was formed and worked towards: by the second year of the project, LOG’s customer complaints were reduced by 50%! What’s more, LOG was able to save five times the amount it had initially invested in adopting Shamaym’s method, leading to an overall 500% return on investment!


Increase in team transparency


Decrease in blaming others for mistakes


Increase in employees’ sense of security when openly sharing with their team  


Increase in team cooperation


Increase in assuming accountability over mistakes


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