Bio-Pharma Leader Shortens Delivery Delays by 66% with Shamaym

An operations department embeds a culture of continuous improvement by establishing learning routines within and across teams, leading to improved KPI across the board.

Eliminating “Blame Game” to Build a High Performance Culture

“When, as a leader, you feel your organization is unable to learn from mistakes, that your discourse is full of blame instead of productivity, then you want to give your employees a tool they can use to turn mistakes into learning opportunities. That’s what we did with Shamaym.”

Yoni Cohen
CEO, Snowball Studios

TripActions Scales Smart with Shamaym

A startup in hypergrowth, the Shamaym platform allowed TripActions to scale without losing its ability to communicate.

HP Indigo Identifies and Responds to Issues 20% Faster

How HP Indigo is driving culture change and reducing escalations with Shamaym.

LOG Partners Decreases Customer Complaints by 50%

“We turned to Shamaym because they ‘spoke our language’, and offered… to establish self-learning and accountability habits in our team.”

Ephraim Ulmer, Former CEO at LOG Pharmaceutical Packaging

Karyopharm Improves Efficiency of Employee Learning By 23%

How Karyopharm improved operational excellence with Shamaym.

Implementing Shamaym Improves Surgical Residents’ Proficiency

“When I was a resident, a mistake was cause for embarrassment. Today, it is a learning opportunity.”

Prof. Irit Bahar Head of Ophthalmology Division – Beilinson

Hospital Maternity Ward Significantly Decreases NICU Admissions With Shamaym

“This process empowered the team to focus on various events and processes."

Prof. Salim Raed
Head of Maternity Ward, Emek Hospital

Dexcel Pharma Improves Timely Delivery by 250% with Shamaym

“Our work with Shamaym led to a change in perception. The whole company is talking about how the atmosphere has changed. As a manager, I feel a difference, and I know my employees feel it too,”

Tomer Gold