How Remote Teams Get Ahead

The Shamaym Platform helps your team perform at your best - while striving for better

Think of those moments in your day
when you say to yourself:

Rather than letting them go to waste, Shamaym’s AI-powered platform harnesses them and puts them to work for you and your team, delivering lessons just-in-time and turning them into actionable steps that elevate performance quickly – so your starting point is always improving.

The Shamaym Improvement Cycle

As pilots, our improvement at work centers around our flights.

The Shamaym Platform helps you define your own flight, learn from it with debriefing, and implement your learning on your next flight.

Your flight is the key to your improvement – it’s directly linked to your performance.

What’s your flight?

Client meeting
for sales or customer success

Project milestone
for developers

Closed service ticket
for support

High Quality Learning

Shamaym Assistant coaches you for high quality lessons you’ll actually implement down the line

Where You Are

Debrief in Shamaym, Slack, or Google

Delivered When You Need It Most

BriefMe’s machine learning algorithm determines the most relevant, personalized info and delivers it to your inbox just-in-time, so you arrive at your next sales presentation, weekly review, or huddle prepared to perform

Collaborative Improvement

Write collaborative debriefs so you can all chime in what went well and what could have gone better​

Comment on your teammates’ debriefs and lessons​

Turn lessons into actions

Embrace lessons you like – and receive them in your BriefMe

See What’s Trending, Take Action

Personalized Insights Tell You Where to Focus

Shamaym Insights give a personalized, 360-degree picture that helps managers better understand what’s happening in their team and decide what pain points and challenges to focus on.

Track Performance

Connect flights to your business, team, and personal goals. Track your own progress, and see how your team is doing.

Platform Integrations

Build your always-learning team.

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