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Build a culture of continuous improvement to drive continuous results.

Shamaym has codified the high performance culture of the Israeli Air Force and is bringing it to organizations across the world as a way to drive feedback and learning while working towards an ingrained culture of continuous improvement. 

Shamaym Platform

For teams that need to stay connected and move faster, the Shamaym platform puts high performance culture right at your fingertips. The AI- and ML-powered app lets team members easily share key status updates, take-aways and next steps across the organization.

Trending topics are identified and highlighted so that managers can quickly decide which areas need more attention. Teams and individuals can see a recap of their day, week or month, as well as any outstanding action items, so that everyone is up to date and on the same page. 

The result? Your team spends less time wondering what everyone is working on, less time repeating work and more time focused on learning and improving. You move faster, smarter.

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Shamaym Performance

When you’re ready to take your high performance culture to the next level it’s time for Shamaym Performance. 

Using the Shamaym platform combined with training on our proven methodology, this is your team’s chance to create real change from the ground up. With team-specific training on how to best use the debriefing techniques that fuel a high performing culture, you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your investment. 

Onsite or virtual, our workshops give your employees the chance to learn first hand how to work smarter. We’ll cover topics such as what to cover for your best debrief, how to use the learnings of your teammates to take action and how to best contribute to a growing culture of performance.

Shamaym Partner

For companies facing periods of hypergrowth, tight production deadlines, an upcoming M&A, or one of the 100’s of other forces of change, Shamaym Partner is key to continued improvement.

Monthly meetings give you a dedicated Shamaym consultant to continue maximizing your investment with tailored recommendations around your teams’ debriefs so that you are continuously learning and growing as an organization – and improving.  

By fully engaging with the Shamaym Partner Program, you can be sure that your team is able to act quickly, adjust to changes without missing a beat, and stay connected.

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