On-Time Delivery that Keeps Customers Happy​

Create an “always-on” improvement cycle that sets your team to deliver customer success

Avoid repeat mistakes that irk your customers

Reduce delays and missteps by quickly focusing on roadblocks and quality issues based on real-time feedback from any team member. Capture the most valuable takeaways from every activity and turn them into corrective actions that clear the path to better customer outcomes.

Align your team to stay ahead of the next deliverable

Set your team for success with insights and takeaways that make every team member a better performer by tapping into the collective wisdom of their peers. Shamaym’s BriefMe delivers relevant recommendations and lessons learned at the moment of need, so you stay on-time and on-budget when it matters most.

Get immediate visibility into challenges and blockers

Our real-time learning platform allows team members and leaders to focus on issues and bottlenecks that stand in the way of successful delivery.

Turn insights into action with a single click

AI-driven coaching turns your team’s valuable insights into corrective actions, and automatically prompts members to take those actions at exactly the right moment.

Make it easy to share tips for success

Share lessons learned in real time through simple collaboration tools, so everyone on your team is up to speed on the best way to get things done. 

Through concrete, bite-sized process improvements, this medical device company improved on-time delivery with Shamaym.

Shamaym works where your team does