Accelerate residency competency with always-on feedback and improvement cycle.

Shamaym closes the gap in residency competency with tailored learning and support. Residency programs can view resident

progress at any time, provide ongoing evaluation and remediation, and log ACMGE cases.

Product Features

Real-time assessment and feedback per action

Ongoing tracking of procedure syllabus

Automated highlights of essential topics

Desktop and Mobile app

Easy input with speech-to-text from your mobile

Automated suggestions

Build a database of lessons learned

Fully customizable

Full view of clinical activities and progress.

Key insights are accessible on a mobile app. 

What our clients are saying

“Shamaym created a structure of information
sharing. Our residents now learn from each
other and from supervisors, and we see a
marked improvement in their achievements.”

Schneider Children’s Medical Center, Resident Program

“As the Program Director I can finally get a full
view of all clinical procedures and how the
residents are progressing. So can our residents
and it motivates them to achieve more.”

Emek Medical Center, Maternity Resident Program

Shamaym works where you do