Improve Every Day to
Close More Deals,Accelerate Sales Cycles,Shorten Ramp-Up Times,Sell More

Losing a deal is an inevitable part of sales.
Failing to learn from it is inexcusable.

Avoid repeated mistakes that delay or tank deals

The Shamaym AI Assistant helps reps capture the most valuable takeaways at every step in the sale cycle, making it easy for your top performers to share useful tips. Circulate insights and takeaways to make every team member instantly smarter with the collective wisdom of their peers.

Get reps instantly prepared for every meeting and demo

BriefMe+ delivers previous meetings notes, relevant lessons learned, and valuable background materials to their inbox, right before the next sales meetings.

Make 1:1s and coaching more effective

See a bird’s eye view of team progress, with pointers toward what’s needed for better results, and to get new reps ramped up in half the time.

An automated—and actionable—win/loss analysis

Receive an automated deal analysis after every closed opportunity and share it with team members to increase your success rates in future deals.

A simpler way to work with Salesforce

Shamaym’s Salesforce integration makes meeting notes and lessons learned a breeze to capture anytime, anywhere, so you can put them to use where your sales team works.

TripActions’ Conversion Rates Soar with Shamaym

15% higher conversion rate since using Shamaym

Team members constantly share the useful tips

Know-how is built, retained, and always accessible

When you’re moving fast, Shamaym
“allows you to pause and think about the small actions that can help you improve day over day.”

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