Give Your Team the
Tools to Keep Improving
for Better, Faster Product Delivery​

Create an “always-on” improvement cycle that empowers your team to deliver quality on time.

Avoid repeated mistakes, learn from every success

The Shamaym AI Assistant helps team members capture the most valuable takeaways from every activity, making it easy for your top performers to share useful tips. Circulate insights and takeaways to make every team member a better performer with the collective wisdom of their peers.

Run actionable retrospectives to drive your next sprint planning

Use bite-size learning captured throughout the sprint to inform the retro process and drive corrective actions for your next sprint or release.

Make 1:1s and coaching more effective

See a bird’s eye view of your team progress, with pointers toward who needs help and what’s needed for better results.

Share knowledge with the entire team, integrated into their work environment

Circulate lessons learned to the entire team through the tools they already use today, so everyone stays informed without getting distracted.

See how Akamai improves product quality
with Shamaym

Higher Quality

86 % fewer monthly incidents

Customer Satisfaction

60 % fewer customer escalations

Employee Engagement

15 monthly debrief views per user

“Shamaym allows everyone to take part in our retrospectives —including employees that did not normally participate—so now everyone benefits from our collective learning.”

Shamaym works where you do