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When your priority is your business' success, you must have the technology, culture, and methodology that enable fast and effective learning from performance, particularly when time is of the essence.

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Shamaym builds learning organizations, using DiBi, an AI-based platform, the next generation of lessons learned for enterprises and its unique consulting and training services. 

Shamaym’s proven success is based on assuming accountability and is easy to implement when short on time. Our model was inspired by the Israeli Air Force, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to learn a company's practices, and has successfully been adopted by hundreds of organizations. Let us shift your organization from playing the “blame game” to driving excellence and success.


A simple-to-implement learning model designed for time-limited work environments

A Culture Of Excellence

Based on values of accountability and learning from mistakes

Technological Innovation

DiBi, a technological tool that generates insights and helps establish a new status quo

Proven Success

Modeled after IAF flight debriefing, Shamaym's method changes operational activities for the better!

Why Shamaym?

Eli Genislaw

Head of Service, LivePerson

We went from a 'who's to blame atmosphere' to taking personal responsibility, from recurring incidents to a learning and developing organization, from questioning and arguing to personal debriefing and collaboration

Dr. Sharon Shacham

Founder, President and Chief Scientist at Karyopharm Therapeutics

We see Shamaym as an integral part of our company in terms of striving ​​for excellence and constant improvement;this is a very significant advantage that enables us to develop cancer drugs in less time and more efficiently

Tomer Gold

VP R&D, Dexcel

The advantages of this process lie in its simplicity, and the possibility of implementing it into daily routines without interrupting the ongoing work


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