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Building High Performance Cultures

Get Better, Faster

Shamaym is an AI based platform that enables teams to easily collaborate and learn from each other. 


With 5 minutes of daily feedback you can improve performance, culture and transparency across your organization. 

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The High Performance Culture Your Company Needs

Actionable Lessons for Continuous Improvement
Accountability and Transparency that Drive Growth

Shamaym is driving high performance at some of the world's fastest growing companies

Company wide collaboration at the push of a button

The Shamaym platform enables your team to learn from each other in real time, then uses machine learning to generate actionable next steps and team learning briefs for easy sharing across the organization.

High Performance Culture Means You:

  • Accelerate development times
  • Reduce repeated mistakes
  • Learn faster, move faster

Shamaym's agile learning solution improves performance and builds a better company culture

Whether you are developing a new feature, need to increase customer satisfaction, shorten time-to-market, or just do better on your next project, our lessons solution - a learned-based software and methodology - is time-tested to improve key business metrics.

Why Shamaym?

Continuous improvement to match your growth rate

Your organization produces high quality learning and continuous improvement in times of rapid change and scaling

Transparent company

A good company culture improves performance by 25%. Our ‘Safe Zone’ rule allows workers to feel trusted, productive, and valuable, leading to quick results ​

Accountability across
the organization

Your people stop playing the ‘blame game’, take personal responsibility for their mistakes, and continuously improve

Actionable insights
for immediate use

Machine Learning enables you to form clear insights based on past lessons learned - and use them to take effective action

Continuous improvement to match your growth rate

Your company can maintain communication and collaboration during periods of high growth

Connected employees

Teams can easily share what they're working on, and what they've learned, with others throughout the organization, eliminating vacuums of information

Clear takeaways

Learn fast from each other and get actionable feedback so you can make informed decisions

Faster feedback

Immediately identify where there's a gap in communication or process so that problems don't spiral, and everyone can keep moving forward

Our story

Shamaym’s mission is to enable organizations to maximize their potential by creating a culture of high performance and continuous improvement. Our team has codified the high performance methodologies of the Israeli Air Force, and created a platform proven to accelerate results in an intense work environment – which is what high performing companies today need.