Shamaym digitizes and automates healthcare processes and procedures, creating an easier, more efficient way to optimize safety and medical education.

Medinsight - our new Zero Touch Incident Reporting Platform

We harness the magic of generative AI to reduce preventable adverse events and save lives!

Medinsight is a seamless and touchless incident reporting platform which helps to increase the visibility to adverse events, their impact and how to solve them.

Medinsight is a groundbreaking digital platform that is tied to quality metrics to increase revenue from payers.

Medical Operations

Digitize and automate healthcare processes and procedures, creating an easier, more efficient way to utilize data. Based on machine learning technology, essential data is captured, organized, into a knowledge repository, accessible in real-time, on-demand.

Obtain full view of operations

Manage safety risks

Collaborate between departments

Medical Education

Shamaym provides medical educational organizations the ability to track competencies, provide work-based assessments, feedback & evaluations in real-time. Shamaym aligns with the Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) approach.  

Easily provide real-time feedback

Automate evaluations & assessments

Track competencies & clinical experience

Medical Safety

Shamaym is proven to reduce accidental injuries and surgical complications in hospitalized patients. For example, The Haemek Hospital Delivery Ward sharply reduced newborn ICU admissions and shortened maternal stays.

Debrief medical procedures, analyze what went right and what went wrong, and deploy immediate actions to improve them.

Raise red flags on problems so you and others can work to solve themץ

Learn from previous medical procedures – yours and others – to improve future procedures.