Shamaym digitizes and automates military processes and procedures, creating an easier, more efficient way to utilize data from After Action Review, Brief & Debriefs and evaluations. Based on machine learning technology, essential data is captured, organized, into a knowledge repository, accessible in real-time, on-demand.

Operational Excellence

Digitize AARs & Debriefs
Easily capture data for debrief processes and after action reviews.

Plan Operations with Relevant Real-time Data
Access important information on demand, view top lessons from past operations before the next one.

Safeguard Collective Knowledge
Ensure key knowledge is
captured and not lost with organizational changes.

Training Excellence

Log Essential Knowledge
Log books and essential knowledge stored a digital format. Automated briefs created for trainees and instructors before training.

Track Trends
Machine learning provides key trends and analytics on all data. Automated daily class debriefs generated.

Efficient Evaluations
Trainees and evaluators have access to evaluation from everywhere, in real-time, increasing feedback.