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Sales Teams Get Real-Time Guidance with Shamaym Collaborative Learning Platform

New Shamaym Solution Integrates with Salesforce to Provide Crucial Information to Sales Teams in Real-time

(Boston, MA – November 16, 2020) Shamaym, a leading provider of collaborative real-time learning solutions, announced today a new platform designed for sales teams.

The Shamaym solution enables sales teams to continuously maximize their success by learning from past experiences. Shamaym makes it easy for salespeople to capture lessons learned from each customer interaction, share what works and what doesn’t with team members, and tap into proven sales tips and strategies when engaging in a new sales activity. Powered by AI, the platform integrates with Salesforce to deliver real-time sales guidance, increase visibility for managers, and foster strong team collaboration.

One Tap Access to Real-Time Sales Guidance

Research by SiriusDecisions shows that salespeople spend 63% of their time on administrative tasks and meeting preparations. Using Shamaym, salespeople come to each meeting prepared with all the information they need in one place. Shamaym’s BriefMe+ automatically delivers actionable information and lessons learned from previous sales interactions directly to the salesperson’s inbox, allowing them to avoid past mistakes, leverage proven successful strategies, and reduce the time spent on meeting preparation and note taking.

The Power of Collaborative Learning

Gartner predicts that by 2022 nearly 70% of teams will rely on collaborative solutions for daily activities. The Shamaym solution creates a collaborative learning environment that empowers teams to work together towards continuously improving sales processes and outcomes. By enabling salespeople to easily share lessons learned, the Shamaym platform empowers teams to build a collective body of knowledge that highlights best practices, provides actionable insights, and turns every team member into a better sales performer.

“Sales teams that make real-time learning part of their daily routine have higher success rates closing deals,” says Ofir Paldi, Co-founder and CEO of Shamaym. “The need for collaborative learning tools that helps individuals and teams perform at increasingly higher levels is even more critical nowadays when most teams operate remotely.”

About Shamaym

Shamaym helps teams improve their performance and adapt quickly to changing needs by turning day-to-day actions into learning opportunities.

Our AI-powered real-time learning platform makes it easy for employees to capture lessons learned from each activity, share insights with team members, and tap into relevant takeaways at the moment of need.

Shamaym works with leading multinational organizations including LivePerson, TripActions, Applied Materials, Akamai, and Teva. Based on methodology developed by the Israeli Air Force to drive rapid learning and continuous improvement cycles, we help sales, support, and product teams drive higher KPIs and accelerated growth.

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