Shamaym Press Release

Shamaym Introduces the Continuous Performance Management System For Rapidly Improving Corporate Performance

August 18, 2020 (Boston, MA, USA) – Shamaym announces the introduction of their continuous performance management system, one of the first to help improve performance rather than just manage it. By providing a tool for continuous feedback this CPM system allows employees to learn from each other and significant events in real time. Collective insight is then personalized based on individual needs and delivered directly to employees.

Personalized insights and easy sharing mean that team members are constantly learning from each other and improving rapidly, driving a company wide culture of high performance and significantly improving KPIs across the board. This new system means faster performance improvement and continuous learning over the standard quarterly reviews, as well as more manager and cross team insight. This is a unique opportunity for managers to have insight and enable employee development while working remote or in a fast moving environment.

This methodology has been proven in militaries across the world, most notably in the debriefing culture used by the Israeli Air Force to drive rapid learning and growth. Shamaym is bringing this method to global businesses including El Al, TripActions, Liveperson and HP Indigo to drive high performance and learning cultures. The methodology has been proven to drive considerable business results including:

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