Shamaym Press Release

Shamaym Raises $6.7M in Initial Public Offering

Company that Improves Organizational Learning Began Trading This Week on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange – Stock Price Is Up 62% in First Three Trading Days

(Boston, MA – June 10, 2021) Shamaym, a leading provider of collaborative real-time learning solutions, today announced that the company raised $6.7M in an initial public offering (IPO), along with additional options which could bring $5.5M if fully exercised.

The company issued approximately 25% of its shares at a value of $25M and began trading this week on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the symbol SHMM. After three days of trading, the stock price is up 62% over the IPO pricing.

Shamaym helps teams improve their performance and adapt quickly to changing needs by providing processes and tools that enable team members and leaders to turn day-to-day activities into learning opportunities.

Based on a methodology developed by the Israeli Air Force to drive rapid learning and continuous improvement cycles, the company’s real-time learning platform makes it easy for employees to capture lessons learned from each activity, share insights with team members, and tap into relevant takeaways at the moment of need.

Shamaym works with leading multinational organizations including Abiomed, Akamai, Medtronic, Stratasys, Teradyne, and Teva, and has a track record of helping sales, support, and product teams drive better business outcomes.

“Turning Shamaym into a public company is an important step in our growth. Our mission is to improve organizational learning so that teams continuously learn and improve in real-time from the lessons of their corporate colleagues,” says Ofir Paldi, founder and CEO of Shamaym. “We plan to designate funds to accelerate sales and marketing activities and increase our research and development efforts.”


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