About Shamaym

Shamaym: (shaw-mah'-yim), n; Hebrew for sky

Our Mission

Shamaym’s mission is to enable organizations to maximize their potential by creating a culture of high performance and continuous improvement.

Our Methodology

Our team has codified the high performance methodologies of the Israeli Air Force, and created a platform proven to accelerate results in an intense work environment – which is what high performing companies today need.

How It Works

Debriefing gives team members the opportunity to share insights with each other and learn from each other’s lessons. By incorporating this in to a daily routine teams are able to execute faster because they are constantly learning and improving. 

Our Story

The Israeli Air Force is highly regarded as one of the top performing organizations in the world, largely due to their process of daily debriefing, where pilots share lessons learned and others get insight and share feedback. This enables pilots to become highly trained in significantly less time. 

After spending years in the Air Force, the Shamaym team understood the power of this methodology and saw a need to bring it to companies to enable a culture where employees are able to generate actionable takeaways from different events, learn from each other and quickly iterate on lessons & insights from their team. In 2015 Shamyam was founded with this mission in mind. 

Companies across the globe have implemented the Shamaym platform to enable a culture of continuous improvement, reflection and learning from others. The results are quantifiable: Increased sales, reduced turnover, better products, more satisfied customers, less repeat mistakes, and agile learning.

The Platform

The Shamaym Platform  works where you do to enable a high performing organization. Available in mobile and web, and integrated with tools like Okta, G-Suite,  Slack and Jira, the smart system coaches users to share debriefs, comment on the debriefs of others’, conduct team learning, assign action items, and analyze an organization’s learning processes.

The Platform produces individual, team, and departmental insights from real events that matter most to our partners. These insights can be shared across teams, turning lessons learned into actionable steps that elevate performance quickly, and refine learning continuously, so that the starting point is always improving. Insights are clustered to produce a personalized, 360-degree picture that helps managers better understand what’s happening in their team and decide what pain points and challenges to focus on.