Helping Product Teams Do Better When it Counts

Chief Product & Technology Officer, Dror Jacoby, unveils our new collaborative improvement solution for product development teams. How does Shamaym’s new improvement solution help developers? Developers encounter and solve challenges every single day. Our most recent release empowers them to concretely improve outcomes by capturing lessons learned from previous sprints and releases, sharing knowledge across […]

Where is Your Team on the Collaboration Maturity Curve?

Collaboration happens all the time, all around us. It seems quite matter-of-fact, and still it is worth delving into, because collaboration is an essential tool for teams that want to thrive in today’s world of work, especially in the post-pandemic era. In fact, effective collaboration is a learned skill that, when done well, can be […]

How Will Teams Get Better in 2021?

2020 shook the world of work, and we know we’re not alone in saying we’re happy it’s behind us. The drastic changes of the last year mean that even as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of work will have evolved.  We expect two trends—both of which existed before the pandemic but were […]

The Secret to Happy Customers is a Fast Learning Support Team

Customer support representatives and their managers are facing a new set of challenges as a result of the move to remote work. Without casual office interaction with teammates, it becomes more difficult to capture knowledge and share it across the team. These challenges were known to some teams before the pandemic, but their impact on […]