Dexcel Pharma Improves On-Time Delivery by 150%
with Real-Time Collaborative Learning


Learning is a foundational building block of a successful research and development organization. When the leaders of Dexcel Pharma’s R&D group decided to double the organization’s size and disperse it across two sites, a renewed urgency developed to embed a culture of learning and improvement as part of the organization’s daily operations. 

This was particularly important because the R&D organization wanted to improve their on-time delivery rate, which at the time stood at 30%. In order to reach their desired business outcomes, “it was no longer enough to rely on individual employees’ curiosity to learn—it had to become a routine,” says VP R&D Tomer Gold. 

Rapid expansion also meant that Dexcel’s R&D group needed a method to onboard and train new employees. “Systematic implementation of debriefing routines that encourage individuals to learn faster and more effectively was one of our main goals in thinking about a short but successful onboarding and training process for new team members,” says Gold.

As the team grew, the R&D group’s management team became increasingly concerned with knowledge capture and retention across the organization. Transferring knowledge between relatively new employees at two geographically distant sites was no simple task. To increase cooperation between different business units and teams, it was important to Dexcel to create a new, unified language around learning and improvement.


Embedding Improvement through Real-Time Learning

After exploring several solutions to these challenges, Dexcel chose to work with Shamaym because of the simplicity in its process, and the ability to implement a learning and improvement routine without disrupting existing workflows. Unlike more complicated learning methods, which require extensive information gathering, analysis and evaluation, Shamaym offered a lean solution that allowed the team to learn from past activities and implement actionable improvements in a timely fashion.

Using the Shamaym Real-time Collaborative Learning Platform, Dexcel employees can consistently identify learning opportunities and capture lessons learned. They can easily share these lessons with team members, and even with other teams and departments within the R&D groupsolving for the knowledge sharing challenge.

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About Dexcel

Dexcel Pharma is Israel’s largest private pharmaceutical company. Founded in 1968, the company develops, manufactures, and markets value-added branded and generic pharmaceuticals. With a diverse product portfolio that spans more than 85 branded and generic products, Dexcel’s products are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide.


The Dexcel R&D team didn’t just want to build a culture of learning and development for the sake of positive employee feedback—though that mattered, too. They knew that establishing a framework for constant improvement would positively impact business outcomes. And they were right. Today, they make 75% of their submissions on time, an impressive outcome for an R&D organization according to Gold.

With Shamaym, Dexcel’s R&D group moved from an organization where employees rarely thought about what can be improved and what role they can play in that improvement, to one where debriefing, learning, and sharing is routine.

Our work with Shamaym led to a change in perception. The whole company is talking about how the atmosphere has changed. As a manager, I feel a difference, and I know my employees feel it too...”

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