Global Semiconductor Leader Improves Customer Outcomes with Shamaym’s Collaborative Learning


A learning structure that empowers employees to deliver better outcomes for their customers

A global leader in the semiconductor industry wanted to maintain its innovative edge delivering world class solutions to its customers. One of its business units sought to empower product managers and product specialists with relevant knowledge that would help them be better prepared for customer meetings and collaborate effectively, all to achieve high quality outcomes—fast.

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Shamaym offered a framework for capturing, sharing, and acting on lessons learned

Shamaym’s solution provided product specialists and managers with a new framework for capturing lessons learned right after events happened, sharing them across the team—and even outside of it—defining next steps and action items, and putting those into practice to improve customer-facing processes and outcomes.


Team members liked the fact that Shamaym’s learning routines could be easily integrated into their existing workflow. Product managers and specialists quickly adopted the habit of debriefing after customer meetings, account reviews, and demos. During team meetings, the group jointly reviewed their learning and tracked the implementations of resulting action items.


Empowered customer-facing employees, more satisfied customers

Within the first three months of working with Shamaym, the team saw improvements in both process and performance, reporting a 52% improvement in their ability to learn and improve. One product specialist said, “I now have better ability to analyze my daily activities in order to improve my performance.” 

Over the three month period, product specialists and managers started to independently lead critical customer meetings and implemented post-meeting debrief routines. Moreover, product specialists who previously worked in silos now operate as a team that can learn from each other. For example, the team created shared templates that are used to establish greater clarity around issues they face in their daily work.

We clearly saw that learning and improving is in the hands of each and every one of us. And that created an environment of continuous learning at both the individual and team levels,” says the business unit head.

The team’s newly embedded learning framework led to a 25% improvement in quality customer-facing outcomes and a 15% improvement in overall performance. As a result, the company decided to expand the Shamaym solution both within the business unit and to additional teams across the company.

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