Shamaym Helps TripActions Increase Sales During Hypergrowth


Between 2018-2019, TripActions grew its workforce four-fold, reaching a valuation of over USD 4 billion. That put serious pressure on the sales organization to keep numbers high as the company expanded across continents. For CEO and Co-Founder Ariel Cohen, it was especially critical that as the company grew, it maintained its high quality standard, delivering exceptional experiences to its customers and “always raising the bar.”

For him, this meant finding a solution that allowed for quick feedback, learning, and adjustment, that helped teams get their best work done in a coordinated and always improving manner.


The sales organization at TripActions chose to build up its learning and improvement capabilities with the Shamaym platform because it provided a tool for teams to learn from past successes and failures, and adjust the way they get things done—fast.

“We’re focused on making sure that we’re always improving, and being very open and candid with each other. Shamaym really embodies all of our values,” shared one sales leader.

Seven teams of Sales Development Representatives (SDR) implemented Shamaym’s platform and methods. Immediately after every discovery call, salespeople debriefed by entering their key takeaways into Shamaym.

Those insights were instantly shared across the team, so others could contribute from their own experience, or adopt their teammates’ lessons when the next discovery came around. The team measured successful discovery calls as those which resulted in a subsequent demo call.

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Fast becoming the default for corporate travel, TripActions is the modern business travel platform that combines the latest AI-driven technologies with unrivalled flight, lodging and rental car inventory and global 24/7 365 proactive live travel agents to delight employees, finance leaders and travel managers alike—all while empowering organisations to seize travel as a strategic lever for growth.


By using Shamaym to debrief and learn from every discovery call, TripActions’ SDR teams improved their discovery-to-demo conversion rate by 15%.

Using Shamaym increased collaboration and turned team members into active learners. Every team member (100%) is actively engaged with the platform, with two thirds (67%) using it at least once a week. Each team member writes at least one debrief each month, and each debrief is read by an average of 9 team members.

Shamaym also helped managers gain visibility into their teams’ work. They could see where their employees were thriving and better understand how to expand best practices across the team. Or they could identify areas where their employees were struggling, and have more information to address those challenges. Over time, this translated to tangible improved outcomes.

One SDR manager shared that Shamaym “allows you, when you’re moving quickly, to take a pause and think about the small actions that can help you improve day over day.”

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