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Shamaym’s BriefMe Brings Personalized Learning
When You Need It


Arrive at your next presentation, customer meeting, or event better prepared with personalized lessons. GM of Shamaym Israel, Amit Kochavi, unveils BriefMe and calendar sync, making it easier than ever to get better, faster.

What’s new and exciting in Shamaym’s latest product release?

Our most recent release includes a new and–improved–improvement cycle, centered around BriefMe. It represents a major step forward in our mission to build high performance companies. BriefMe and its surrounding innovations in our new release will help teams create ultra-fast improvement cycles that will push them toward their goals at a faster pace than ever before, and with less required from them than at any previous point.

That sounds great! Can you walk us through the new improvement cycle?

Suppose you are a Sales Lead and you have a high-stakes meeting tomorrow morning with a potential client. You really want to close this one. Lucky for you, a tailored, automated brief awaits in your inbox. You received it because the sales meeting was marked on your calendar as a Shamaym Meeting—a meeting you should learn from, or apply learning to. 

Your BriefMe email includes the most relevant lessons for tomorrow’s meeting, from you and your teammates, that the Shamaym Platform compiled automatically and delivered right when you need them. This way, the most valuable learning from previous sales meetings is top-of-mind going into tomorrow.

Unsurprisingly, the meeting is successful, and it looks like the prospect wants to close. You want to make sure that you capture what worked so well, so both you and your teammates remember to act similarly with future prospects. 

As soon as the meeting ends you receive an email reminder to debrief. One click, and you’re quickly recording your lessons while they’re fresh in your head.

You write lessons based on the principles of FAF: Focus, Accountability, and Future Mindset. To make sure those lessons translate into real change, you can assign yourself an action item and set a due date. You can also choose to be briefed on your lesson before the next sales meeting – you’ll get this lesson delivered to your inbox as part of your next BriefMe email. This way your lessons won’t get lost in oblivion. Instead they will become practical tools for you and your teammates to use in the short and long term.

Did you see a teammate’s lesson that you really liked, and want to implement? Embrace it. The lessons will be added into your lesson collection, so you can be briefed about those lessons as well – even though you didn’t write them. You can embrace any lesson about any topic.

Eventually, that next sales meeting comes around, and you receive an email brief with the most relevant lessons for that meeting. 

You receive this email right before the meeting so that you remember to implement the lessons. Your chances of closing again just increased! By continuing to receive and write lessons, the improvement cycle, with the help of BriefMe, is creating tangible improvements in your performance.

What can teams expect to gain from the new improvement cycle?

Most of us have a genuine desire to learn and improve – to get better at whatever it is we do. But we’re all extremely busy these days and, for many of us, learning and improvement is the last thing we have time to prioritize. This challenge was top of mind for us as we designed the new improvement cycle. Simply put, we wanted to help teams improve faster and more effectively. By turning learning and improvement from something we need to make time for – often a big chunk of time – into something embedded into our existing work routines. By capturing the learning that happens naturally as we go through our day, and harnessing it to help us get better. We’re powering up team improvement, and can’t wait to see where it takes our users!