Real-Time Collaboration: The Missing Link to Reducing Delays in Clinical Trials

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bringing groundbreaking new therapies from idea to drugstore is no easy feat, and it is not cheap, either. A 2016 study published in the journal Clinical Trials found that the average cost of a Phase 3 trial ranged from US $11.5 million to US $52.9 million.  The opportunity cost of delay in clinical trials can […]

After Action Review, Only Better: Collaborative Real-Time Debriefing

Reading Time: 3 minutes The After-Action Review, a form of debriefing, is a known way to learn as a team and improve performance. But what happens when the whole team is remote, and business realities change daily? It’s time for an AAR upgrade. When your team is coming up against a challenging time, process, or milestone, it is critical […]

How Will Teams Get Better in 2021?

Reading Time: 3 minutes 2020 shook the world of work, and we know we’re not alone in saying we’re happy it’s behind us. The drastic changes of the last year mean that even as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of work will have evolved.  We expect two trends—both of which existed before the pandemic but were […]

Getting Beyond Retrospectives: How to Turn Learning into Action

Reading Time: 4 minutes Freshen up your software development process to propel your product forward instead of getting stuck on repeated challenges. Whether you choose to work with scrum, kanban, or another method, having an agile process should mean your team uses a certain set of values and principles in its decision making, that ultimately satisfy your customers through […]

The Secret to Happy Customers is a Fast Learning Support Team

Reading Time: 3 minutes Customer support representatives and their managers are facing a new set of challenges as a result of the move to remote work. Without casual office interaction with teammates, it becomes more difficult to capture knowledge and share it across the team. These challenges were known to some teams before the pandemic, but their impact on […]

$3B Software Company CEO Shares Secrets to Driving Team Performance

Reading Time: 3 minutes Aron Ain rose through the ranks at Kronos, playing a role in nearly every department before becoming CEO. He recently oversaw a merger and now leads 12,000 employees throughout the globe, and 3x revenue growth. We asked Aron about the relationship between good leadership, engaged employees, and business results. In his experience they are inextricably […]

Sales Just Went from Hard to Harder. Can Your Team Keep Up?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Even before COVID-19, the way we do business and sell was fast evolving, thanks to growing tech-enabled and remote sales methods. Now, it’s changing at turbo speed. Gone are the days of regional reps and expansive trade shows. Like many other business activities, sales in the post-COVID world increasingly take place online and remotely. According […]

What Can Sales Teams Do to Sell More in the Post-COVID World?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Keeping sales teams performing at their top is harder than ever. Selling has become almost exclusively a remote activity, raising stakes in a market where both consumers and businesses buy less. A virtual meeting could be a salesperson’s only chance to make a positive impression and pique the buyer’s interest, making it more critical than […]

Want High-Performing Employees? Change How You Give Feedback

Reading Time: 3 minutes Feedback drives employee performance and engagement—when it’s given the right way. What does good feedback look like? In his book Positive Leadership, University of Michigan management professor, Kim Cameron, demonstrates that honest and candid feedback helps employees perform better and develop resilience. Indeed, feedback in the workplace has many benefits, including the growth of employees […]

Feature Deep-Dive: Shamaym Assistant

Reading Time: 2 minutes Shamaym enables teams to easily reflect on and share lessons from projects, meetings, and events at work, driving rapid improvement cycles. Of course, not all learning is the same. An effective lesson is focused on a tangible area of improvement, holds you accountable for its completion, and future-oriented. A lesson that contains these three elements […]