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Feature Deep-Dive: Collaborative Debriefing


Shamaym enables teams to easily reflect on and share lessons from projects, meetings, and events at work, driving rapid improvement cycles. Collaborative debriefing is a major component of this process.

Collaborative debriefing allows multiple people who were involved in an event or task to contribute their point of view on how the event went, what should be preserved, and what could be done differently next time. Because none of us work in a vacuum, we also can’t learn in one. If we completed an important project as a team, and we want to improve on a similar project in the future, we need to collect feedback from everyone involved, and understand how to move forward together. Collaborative debriefing helps us do that.

Teams can also use collaborative debriefing to stay connected when everyone is working remotely. Managers can initiate one at the end or beginning of each week to stay afloat of urgent needs or significant challenges in the team.

Collaborative debriefing works like this:


The debrief owner (usually the person who led the project or event being debriefed) initiated the debrief in the Shamaym Platform.


After adding their lessons, the owner invites collaborators to weigh in.


Collaborators receive an email and in-app notification prompting them to add their own lessons. If a collaborator feels that another teammate is missing from the discussion, they can invite that teammate to participate in the debrief, too (and the collaborator is notified once that teammate has added their lessons).


Once all collaborators have added their lessons, the owner can write a summary to provide extra content and takeaways for the collaborative debrief. Then, viola! They publish.

Leave your silos with collaborative debriefing

If your organization is already using Shamaym to improve performance and you’d like to elevate your team’s ability to learn together, try writing a collaborative debrief in the Shamaym Platform’s web or mobile app.

If you’re not using Shamaym yet and would like to learn more about our platform, get in touch to request a demo. Shamaym can help your team or organization iterate and take quick action, so you can start getting better, faster.