Webinar Rewind: Achieving More Effective After-Action Reviews

On January 26, 2022, we hosted a webinar on optimizing After-Action Reviews (AARs). Joining us was Abiomed, a pioneer and global leader in medical technologies that provide circulatory and oxygenation support. Abiomed’s company tagline “Recovering hearts. Saving lives” is literally what they do. Abiomed’s experience with the Shamaym platform speaks volumes about the power of […]

How Continuous Improvement Enables You to Successfully Manager Your Project

continuous improvement

Today’s projects are highly complex, demanding, and fast-tracked. Characterized by global locations, outsourced partnerships, and ever-increasing challenges such as Covid-19, projects involve higher levels of uncertainty than ever before. More is at stake in today’s business climate: Your medical device needs to come out at the right time, your software delivered to customers as agreed, […]

7 Continuous improvement tools to help your team get better, again and again

We’ve gathered the most effective improvement tools your team can use to implement continuos improvement initiatives. While each has its advantages, all can be amplified with an improvement acceleration platform. Why Practice Continuous Improvement? Continuous improvement initiatives aim to fine-tune processes with the goal of improved results. They can lead to competitive growth, improve organizational […]

How SYNC Residential Builds a Crisis-Ready Remote Team

Oren Blatt, CEO of SYNC Residential, shares the practices he’s put in place to build a crisis-ready culture in his remote team, and how they’ve proven helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team had a (virtual) chat with Oren Blatt who runs SYNC Residential, a property development and management company based in Houston. With 5,200 […]