3 Tips for Bold Leadership in Times of Crisis & Uncertainty

A former air force commander shares where leaders should focus when times get tough. In February of this year, we entered a familiar world. By the end of March, we lived in a completely different one. What seemed a couple of months ago like a temporary upheaval of the way we work is now settling […]

What is Organizational Culture, and Why Does it Matter?

It seems like everybody’s talking about culture these days. But… what is it? And why should busy founders and executives, laser focused on growing their companies, pay attention to it when they have so much else on their plate? The answer is simple: A strong organizational culture improves results. What is Culture Anyways? At Shamaym […]

Debriefing by Shamaym v. After-Action-Review: What’s the difference?

How do these two popular continuous improvement tools stack up, and which should you choose to help you build a high performance organization. Building a continuous improvement culture is critical when you find your organization at a juncture, growing rapidly but seeking to maintain the transparent and open culture that got you to that point. […]

How SYNC Residential Builds a Crisis-Ready Remote Team

Oren Blatt, CEO of SYNC Residential, shares the practices he’s put in place to build a crisis-ready culture in his remote team, and how they’ve proven helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team had a (virtual) chat with Oren Blatt who runs SYNC Residential, a property development and management company based in Houston. With 5,200 […]

What Can Combat Pilots Teach Us About Learning in Crisis?

As organizations across the globe struggle to keep populations healthy and businesses operational, a look at what combat pilots do to maintain high performance in crisis might offer helpful tools. Debriefing is Critical – Especially in Crisis It is not by chance that politicians and pundits are using the language of battle when describing their […]

COVID-19 is Changing the Way We Work. <br>Here is How You Keep Employees On Track.

Efforts to curtail the spread of coronavirus have forced companies and teams to drastically change their work habits. Companies have instructed employees to work remotely, creating new challenges for managers to maintain efficiency. How can newly remote teams stay on track to deliver in these uncertain times? COVID-19 is Rapidly Changing the Reality of Work […]

Debriefing: The Tool to Crack Your Learning Code

This simple continuous improvement tool is what you need to grow while sustaining the culture that got you this far. What is debriefing and why is it important to your organization? We all know the importance of good planning to success – cue Benjamin Franklin’s “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. But […]