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Feature Deep-Dive: Shamaym Assistant


Shamaym enables teams to easily reflect on and share lessons from projects, meetings, and events at work, driving rapid improvement cycles. Of course, not all learning is the same. An effective lesson is focused on a tangible area of improvement, holds you accountable for its completion, and future-oriented. A lesson that contains these three elements is more likely to result in concrete improvements, helping you meet—and exceed—your goals. How do you ensure that your lessons fit the bill? Shamaym Assistant can help.

Shamaym Assistant is your personal AI lesson coach. It analyzes your lessons as you write them and offers suggestions for elements to retain and revise. Shamaym was founded by former fighter pilots, and we built into our platform the methodology of some of the top performing learning organizations in the world. Our founders can’t always be in the room with you to help you write better lessons—especially now–but we trust Shamaym Assistant to do that on our behalf.

How Shamaym Assistant Helps You Improve

Let’s Shamaym Assistant at work. You start a new debrief and begin to write your first lesson. When Shamaym Assistant has thought up some tips for you, you’ll see a number pop up over the bird icon.

Click on the bird for Shamaym Assistant’s thoughts on what needs improvement in your lesson, and which aspects of it you should keep. 

When you edit your lessons according to Shamaym Assistant’s advice, it reacts with additional shout outs on what you did well, and ideas on what more to improve on. This way, you end up with the most actionable lesson, more likely to yield the results you want.

Put Your Personal AI Lesson Coach to Work!

If you already use Shamaym to improve performance and you’d like to upgrade the quality of your learning, give Shamaym Assistant a try when you write your next lesson or debrief!

If you’re not using Shamaym yet and would like to learn more about our platform, get in touch to request a demo. Shamaym can help your team or organization iterate and take quick action, so you can start getting better, faster.