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Feature Deep-Dive: Shamaym x Outlook


Shamaym enables teams to easily reflect on and share lessons from projects, meetings, and events at work, driving rapid improvement cycles. But we know no one wants another platform or application to work with. Our Outlook Add-In brings Shamaym’s capabilities to where you spend most of your working hours: Outlook!

You can now connect Shamaym with your Microsoft Outlook account. Why, you ask? We designed the Outlook Add-In to upgrade your improvement cycle by making debriefing and personalized briefing part of your daily workflow. Connecting Shamaym with Outlook allows you to mark upcoming meetings in your calendar as Shamaym Meetings. Doing so means that you’ll receive a brief with relevant learning before that upcoming meeting, and you’ll be reminded to debrief as soon as the meeting ends. You can also easily enter the Shamaym Platform to comment on others’ debriefs, assign yourself actions, and set due dates. 

The Outlook Add-In allows you to improve on-the-go, in real time. Identifying your Shamaym Meetings is a simple way to integrate learning routines into your week, and see quick iterations of improvement from one meeting, event, or task, to the next.

What happens when I sync Shamaym with my Outlook account?

As soon as you install the Shamaym Add-In, you’re all set to bring your improvement to the next level: 


Select a meeting in your calendar that you want to learn from, and apply lessons to. Click on “Make it a Shamaym Meeting” (the first time you do this, you’ll be prompted to log in to Shamaym).



24 hours before the meeting, you’ll receive an email with the most relevant, personalized lessons related to your upcoming meeting. 

When your meeting ends, you’ll be prompted to write your lessons


You can get help implementing your lessons by turning them into actions or briefs


Repeat, and improve on the go!  ✅ 

Amplify your improvement – connect Shamaym with Outlook today!

If your team is already using Shamaym to improve performance and you’d like to start receiving personalized lessons to your inbox, be sure to install the Outlook Add-In to “Shamaym” your next meeting!

If you’re not using Shamaym yet and would like to learn more about our platform, get in touch to request a demo. Shamaym can help your team or organization iterate and take quick action, so you can start getting better, faster.